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Mar 25, 2013 5:00pm PDT
arguments on prop 8 tuesday. and on wednesday - the arguments over the defense of marriage act. >> the general is now involved making a decision on the white house. >> the professor royal little things that this is significant. >> this is a level of seriousness this is not just a state case it is raised to the level of national significance. >> reporter: the justices will not rule until the month of june but they will not present this as this could likely lead to the legalization of proposition 8 only in the state of california or make this just in california. or they could rule that proposition 8 would be unconstitutional. or, they could make it proposition 8 would be national or it could be upheld as a band of same-sex marriage. >> i would say that they would say that proposition 8 is not valid. anthony kennedy will be the deciding vote. little has been argued for some time. chief justice, john roberts could be the deciding voter. >> he has adopted children any certainly understands the we do not have biological operation to have a stable family or a halt the family for child
Mar 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, ohio. the 49ers have signed craig dahl.. he is visiting on special teams and as a backup defensive. he played for the st. louis rams in 61 games. and to take a peek at matt has kelback he could be possibly a backup quarterback who was let go by the tennessee titans. he is 37 years old and would not mind being a backup. his sister-in-law, elizabeth. hasselback... >> jacqueline: i thought that was is why? >> no i thought that there were-- wmarried? no, brother- in-law, sister-in-law. >> barbara walters once her o and wants/////her out >> gary: and also joy behar is also not renewing her contract. >> catherine: exactly she said that she wanted to spend more time with her family. when somebody gives you a gold watch cannot take it. that same person says that we have to get r >> catherine: that often happens. >> gary: no gold watch ... and just excuse yourself and do not come back. kevin winslow he was going to be a great tight end. it could be interested in coming to the raiders. this came out of college and really never made it. danville exact klein it is difficult to tell but everybody
Mar 20, 2013 5:00pm PDT
defense initiative needs to take a hike. thomas: whatever happened to freedom speech? i don't agree with the ads, done in bad taste, but still its freedom of speech.people are way too sensitive. muni says that its hands are tied. and they are sponsoring as a focusing on the tolerance, acceptance to counter acted these ads join the conversation on our facebook fan page. >> catherine: coming. a grocery chain and a gas company are teaming up to save you money when you fuel up. then. a pleasanton preschool re- opens today after shutting down after a teacher was accused of duct taping a student! plus. a look at our president's trip to israel. what's topping his political agenda. that's coming up. what's topping his political mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪
Mar 21, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, but the federal defense of marriage act. kron 4's dan kerman spoke with a high profile proponent of same-sex marriage about the upcoming supreme court hearing.dan lt. gov. gavin newson he is very optimistic about the supreme court hearing in the ultimate ruling. >> nobody would have predicted and i sure not would have predicted how long or for this consciousness would have come for equality. tonight kron 4's dan kerman marriage equality movement, california lieutenant governor gavin newsom. >> it has been nine years since these marriage licenses were issued however, they have become illegal but we are getting the ball rolling on marriage equality. >> we are starting to understand the colangelo said that it is not what we try to aim and settle it is what we try to aim high and see what we can achieve a " from michealangelo... he calls this a team effort. with marriage equality on the doorstep of the supreme court key accredits attorneys of politicians that to not want to give up. >> is a testament to the old adage it is always a good time to do a good thing. you have to do things you cann
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4